Refugee Week running from the 16th of June to the 22nd of June, serves to promote greater awareness of refugees, the issues they face and contributions refugees are making to the Australian community.

As Refugee Week approaches, the theme “Finding Freedom” takes centre stage, with a focus on the enduring strength and resilience found within family ties amidst the refugee experience. This year, the spotlight is on the power of familial and chosen bonds, emphasising their crucial role in offering solace, support, and a sense of belonging to those forced to flee their homelands.

The theme invites us to delve into the narratives of refugees who, despite encountering daunting challenges, discover a source of liberation within the embrace of their families. Whether it’s the unwavering support of parents, the protective love between siblings, or the communal strength found in extended and chosen families, these connections become beacons of hope in times of uncertainty.

Throughout Refugee Week, we illuminate the stories of individuals whose journeys to safety have been shaped by the resilience of their familial bonds. From the financial and emotional pillars that make the escape possible to the communal support systems upon arrival in Australia, these relationships transcend borders and create profound, lasting connections that can change lives.

The resilience exhibited by families torn apart by conflict or persecution serves as a powerful inspiration for communities to unite and extend solidarity and compassion to those in search of refuge. Refugee Week 2024 calls upon us to recognise and celebrate the profound impact of family bonds in navigating the tumultuous journey toward freedom and safety.